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Hi there!

I'm Jess Hastings-Lesperance!

I'm a Marketing Strategist, a REALTOR®, Director of Operations for the Terri Hastings Real Estate Group, Keller Williams Realty Centres and a certified Fitness & Yoga Instructor, born and raised on the beautiful South Bruce Peninsula.


If you've landed on my page, you're probably looking to learn a little bit about who I am and what I've done or your looking for a contributor. Here, you will find a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and inspiration in...

  • Writing

  • Podcasting

  • Television appearances

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About Jessica

The Visionary 

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I didn't just become a Realtor®Visionary, Published Author, Speaker, Coach, and Master Podcaster overnight. 

Having been Raised with Real Estate, I've taken the unconventional path to the top.

From "entrepreneuring" four highly successful businesses, being awarded Canada's Top Fitness Instructor in 2023 by Impact Magazine, to becoming Director of Operations for the #4 producing real estate team for our brokerage in all of Canada - well, let's just say I have a lot of customer and client care experience. I've seen and done it all! 

Jack of all trades, wearer of many hats - however you want to name it - that's me

I'm a resilient risk-taker who loves thinking of creative and unusual ideas, especially when it comes to writing, speaking and coaching on business. 

And I'm only just getting started.

Are you struggling?

Do you find your constantly searching for a well-rounded and experienced writer who can write on a deadline for your publication? 


Are you still looking for a speaker who has the expertise and actionable advice you need to take your event, TV program, or conference to the next level? 

Are you tired of underprepared podcast guests falling short of their promise?

Look no further! I'm a business, wellness, and entrepreneur expert with the right experience, published content, and industry professionalism ready to collaborate with you.

Whether it's ...

  • Writing a chapter in a collaborative book

  • Writing an article for an online or print publication

  • Featuring as a podcast guest

  • Interviewing on your TV show

  • Speaking at your conference or event

  • Coaching for your business

I'm the contributor you've been searching for!

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Introducing... THE VAULT PODCAST!


Instead of always being the guest, I decided to start sharing stories too.


When you're Raised with Real Estate, you hear a lot of inspirational, shocking, and illuminating stories about working in the industry. I've been surrounded by all-star entrepreneurs my whole life and just had to share the amazing work they do!

Meet your next favourite podcast, hosted by yours truly.

The Vault is all about unlocking the successes and struggles working in real estate. Tune in to hear directly from Realtors®  their heartfelt stories helping their clients. 

My Personal Top 3 Favourite Podcast Episodes

Episode 03   My Favourite!

Rockstar Realtor® -Terri Hastings joins us and talks about her successes and struggles in business.

Episode 09

Cesar Garzon on Helping Others Achieve Home Ownership as a Realtor®.

Episode 08

Coach Colleen McKay Talks Neuro-Linguistic Programming In Real Estate.

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My Amazon Best-Seller book,

Managing Back-To-School Anxiety.

When I first started focusing on my real estate career, my father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. This tragedy sent shock waves through our family, affecting everyone. As I was studying for my real estate courses I had a lot of people ask for help with their kids anxiety and back to school, so I started writing a book that would help navigate feelings of anxiety for back to school so parents could worry less. In my book I  share proven strategies that helped my children manage back-to-school anxiety and its my hope that these will help others too.

I'm not just a business and marketing expert. I'm also extremely passionate about mental health. Knowing who you're working with matters. Work with me and I'll put the care and effort into your project to do it right for your audience.

My Amazon Best-Seller book,

Real Estate Success Secrets.

Having grown up immersed in real estate, observing top Realtors® firsthand, I was truly "Raised with Real Estate™." Now, as the co-owner, Marketing Visionary, Director of Operations, and Realtor® at the Terri Hastings Real Estate Group/Keller Williams Realty Centres—one of Canada's leading teams—I have poured my experience and passion into writing "Real Estate Success Secrets."

This book aims to empower both new and seasoned professionals with practical insights and strategies. With contributions from experienced co-authors, I hope to provide readers with the tools they need to thrive in real estate. Additionally, my ongoing support for local initiatives reflects my commitment to giving back and inspiring positive change in our community.


I'm Jess

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur, real estate investor, coach, speaker, published author and a marketing expert. Simply, I love what I do, and I love everything real estate. So grab your coffee and stick around because we are going to have a great time!

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